Why are Families Choosing PEX Piping?

Many families are turning to PEX piping if they have a significant plumbing problem. Why is this? Well, PEX piping offers many benefits over the other types of piping. In this video, you will see how it compares.

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Many old houses have copper plumbing. It has been the standard for the better part of the last century. However, that is all changing. Now, more than half of American homes are using CPVC piping. It is a cheaper alternative to copper. However, it also does not last as long as copper piping does. Yet, what if I told you that there is a type of piping that is as cheap as CPVC and as durable as copper? That is right, PEX piping offers both of these benefits. That is why PEX piping is quickly becoming a favorite amongst families. Not to mention, it is extremely easy to install. It is bendable and is generally connected with push-to-connect fittings that feel more like building with Legos than actual plumbing. It is so easy that you could do it yourself with just a few YouTube videos. If you need to replace piping, consider using PEX and save yourself some time and money.


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