A Cheap Way to Do Carpet Dyeing

Rather than getting a professional to do your carpet dyeing, there are ways to do carpet dyeing for free by using ordinary household products. The YouTube video “Carpet dyeing, what I used.” illustrates how to dye a carpet cheaply.

Video Source

First, remove all of the furniture from the room. Use a taped newspaper around the room’s perimeter at the baseboard to protect your walls from any stains. Vacuuming and shampooing the carpet as thoroughly as possible is recommended. Before continuing, allow the carpet to dry.

To ensure that the dye remains hot throughout the dyeing process, mix a small amount of it at a time. Next, test your dye in a hidden corner of the carpet. Fill a spray bottle halfway with the combined dye and spray it on the carpet’s test area. Before applying dye to your entire carpet, wait for the test to dry.

Then fill the sprayer with the dye and sprinkle it on the carpet. Apply your spray evenly. Spray tiny portions of the carpet and work the dye in carefully with a sharp cleaning brush as you go. Before using the carpet, wait for the dye to dry thoroughly.


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