How to Identify Remodeling Contractors That are Reliable

Choosing good remodeling contractors can be daunting.
This video highlights tips for hiring reliable remodeling contractors.

Tips For Hiring a Reliable Contractor:

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Sign the contract at home. Consumer protection rules allow the homeowner to withdraw from the contract within a certain timeframe, without incurring penalties if they sign it at home.
2. Ensure the contract includes all relevant details:
a. Materials to be used
b. Processes to be followed
c. Materials supplied that have warranties
3. The contractor draws up the contract. The homeowner must read it and be allowed to add in their own details.
4. Ensure timelines are set, including start and end dates. Allow for delays. Certain things are not in anyone’s control.
5. Do not rely on referrals. Instead, go to the site the contractor is currently working on, look around, and speak with that homeowner.
6. Does the homeowner want a detail-oriented or production-oriented contractor? Budgets, timelines, and quality need to be juggled. Homeowners can do some DIY jobs. If the budget is reduced, quality will be compromised.

Go for remodeling contractors who will include your ideas and give you good advice and options.

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