Parenting Advice from Adoption Lawyers

If one is starting to think about adoption and wondering what the process looks like, they should know it can be extended. Much of that is necessary, but some of it is due to the legal hurdles and complexities that are just part of the process. The video below explains more on this topic. The most common point of frustration one can hear from parents is how confusing (and at times contradictory) the laws can be. To help a person get started on the adoption journey, here are three laws about adoption one should know:

  • Once a child is placed in an adoptive home, it will usually take between one and three years for the adoptive parents to establish full legal rights as adoptive parents.
  • The government doesn’t recognize “open adoption” as a legal relationship, only biological or legally adoptive ones. So, if the child’s birth mother wants to continue visiting after placement, it won’t be legally binding.