What You Need to Know About the Omicron Variant

It’s no secret that Covid has spread across the entire world these past few years. While it can be easy to assume that it is over, the truth of the matter is that viruses mutate all the time. They develop and grow to counteract cures, and Covid is no exception. We have seen quite a few strains of Corona in particular, from the first and second waves, to Omicron and Delta variants. The newest strand of Covid that is present and spreading is called BA2 Omicron, and this video helps us get educated on what exactly it can do.

Scientists are split on the actual effects of the Omicron BA2 variant. While some believe it to be a threat against all of the scientific progress made to fight against Covid, the World Health Organization, or WHO, claims that this variant is much more transmissible, but not more lethal than previous strands.

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That being said, we still need to remain very careful about our large indoor events. Keep yourself safe by wearing a mask and getting vaccinated, as WHO claims that the vaccine will help counteract the effect of this new strand.


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