How Long Does Home Remodeling Take?

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Home remodeling is a big endeavor that will need a large investment of time, money, and resources. It’s important to plan the home remodels with professionals to get an accurate idea on how long it will take to get done. This video explains some of the basic things you need to consider when estimating how long a home remodel will take.

How long a remodel will take will partly depend on the size of the home. Nine times out of 10, smaller homes will take less time than larger home remodels. Of course, if the renovations are not as in-depth, maybe not. But as a general rule, you can count on larger homes taking a longer time.

The first phase of the remodeling process is the discovery phase. This is an exciting period of time where you work with designers and architectures to figure out what’s possible and what needs to be done to bring your renovation to life. Concrete plans aren’t put into place, yet, but it’s an important part of the process to get an idea of budget.

The second phase is the design phase. You will start to plan the more technical parts of the renovations. This will include speaking with engineers to draft mock-ups and blueprints for the home.

Then you prep and start construction. Prep work includes getting the pre-requisite licensing and hiring the right contractors. Construction is when the renovations actually get underway. For more information, check out the video above.

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