Are Video Intercoms the Future For Apartments?

In this YouTube video, Little Bird talks about apartment intercom systems. These systems make use of mobile credentials.

When someone comes to a shared community building, apartment building, or other building that needs security at the front door, the person will look up the other person or business with the directory.

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Then the person presses a button.

A notification appears on a dedicated mobile device, letting the person inside know someone is at the door to the building. Just tap the link provided to start a one-way video call with the person trying to get in. The person in the building can see the person trying to get in, but the person trying to get in cannot see the person they’re trying to reach. Another tap allows a one-click unlocking of the front gate or door.
If someone comes over often or on a regular schedule, that person can be configured as a guest and receive a gate code of their own. These gate codes will only work on the person’s days and times as assigned.

People in the building can use a keyfob or a unique gate code to allow themselves in. Compatible smartphones can also unlock the front door or gate with built-in NFC or blue-tooth functionality.

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