Tips For Installing Tile

In this YouTube video, Brandon McGee looks at tips on installing imported commercial tile. Vinyl composite tile, or VCT, is one of the more popular kinds affordable for people.

In preparation for laying the tile, it’s essential to obtain accurate measurements of the room where the tile will be. A person also needs a razor blade, v-notch trowel, tape measure, and VCT tile glue ready for use.

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Start by laying out the tile next to a wall that is straight and square first. Do not glue it down yet. Put the tiles down so that patterns are alternated or straight together, based on preference. Keep the tiles about one-quarter inch from the wall to allow for expansion and contraction.

Pre-plan the cut tiles for each end before cutting. Sometimes it will be necessary to cut for both ends or only one.

Prepare the floor by thoroughly cleaning and scraping it until it is clean and dry. Apply a thin layer of glue for one row at a time. Install the starter tile, the one closest to the edges of the square wall. Press firmly on the tile in the middle and press it to the outside edges. Place the next one down and make sure the seams are flush. Do this until the floor is complete.

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