What You Should Know About Replacement Windows

Deciding to replace or install windows is a stressful experience for many homeowners. It involves a lengthy process from choosing the type of windows suitable for your home, the suitable type of glazing, or even just the decision you have to make between installing or replacing your windows. Before diving headfirst into a replacement project for your home’s windows, there are a couple of factors to consider as it is outlined in the Old Home Rescue video.

How do you know if you need to replace your windows?

Noticing if one or more windows have difficulty opening them is a common indicator that you need to replace your windows. Sometimes, you will notice that condensation is building up in your double pane glass, which is another indicator that your home needs window replacement service. Some common factors to consider to choosing your window replacement include:

Materials of window frames

You can choose from a variety of window frame materials such as vinyl, wood, or fiberglass. Vinyl is more popular than other materials because they are energy-efficient and weather-resistant.

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Types of windows

Windows come in a wide variety of types you can choose from. The most popular ones are double-hung windows. They are designed to tilt and are easily cleaned without the usage of stools or ladders.

Window replacing and repair is a common project most homeowners undertake. Knowing what type of window you want to install is a great way to ensure you get your home’s windows repaired and replaced.


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