How Often Should You Pump Your Cesspool

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Figuring out when to use a cesspool pumper to clean out your septic tank or cesspool can be confusing. Each septic tank is different because of the different habits of the owners. This video explains how to use a specialized tool to figure out if you need to pump your septic tank.

There are three layers to the fluids and solids in the septic tank. The top layer is the scum layer. The middle layer is filtered wastewater called effluent. The bottom layer is solid waste called sludge. The goal of the septic tank is to filter out the effluent without the scum and sludge.

Pumping the septic tank occurs when the sludge layer has built up too much and there’s no room for effluent. It takes out all of the materials in the septic tank and resets it. To tell if you need to pump your tank, you need to use a core sampler

You insert the core sampler into the septic tank until it hits the bottom. When it hits the bottom, you pull a string that seals the tube and gives you a sample of the layers. Push the tube down slowly and straight down. Read the tube and see if your sludge layer is too high. Pump it if you have over a third of sludge compared to the height of water.

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