A Guide to Installing Brick Pavers

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Brick pavers offer a functional and aesthetically pleasing pathway option for homeowners. Installing brick pavers is pretty straightforward, but requires some know-how before you get underway. This video shows how a professional contractor installs a brick paver path.

The first thing the contractor does is lay out a template for the path. The path outline is excavated to prepare it for the bricks. A simple spade shovel is used to dig a path set about eight inches below the surface of the lawn.

The next step is to install a high-quality base. These contractors use pack, a combination of three-quarter-inch stone and fine stone dust. They are set down with a wheelbarrow and a rake from the house to the end of the path. It’s distributed evenly and packed down with a tamp machine and handheld tamper.

The pathway needs to be graded away from the home for proper drainage. The contractor uses a laser, stakes, and string to set the line that the pavers need to be set at. Sand is filled in above the pack, followed by the bricks themselves.

If you want a better visual demonstration of a brick paver installation, check out the link in the video above.

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