How to Install Carpet in Your Home

To perform a DIY carpet installation in your home requires patience and the right tools. The YouTube video “How to Install Carpet” provides a detailed step-by-step guide for carpet installation.

Before starting, ensure you have a seam (installations above 15 feet) and that you purchase quality carpet padding. It elongates carpet life and ensures good insulation.

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The first step is to cut tack strips according to the room’s perimeter and nail them around the door frames. Next, lay the carpet pad down at right angles to the door frame and hold neighboring pieces using masking tape. After that, measure the room and at the back of the carpet, make a mark that is six inches longer and wider than your measurement using chalk. Use the mark and a straight-edge ruler as a guide to cut the carpet using a carpet knife

Center the carpet in the room and anchor and tuck it using a carpet tucker. Anchor and tuck three inches of the long wall first, then alternate with the short wall. Finally, use a power stretcher, a seam sealer, and a binder bar or carpet transition to hold the carpet in place.


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