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The Magical Touch For Furnishing a Condo

Ideas for furnishing a home

If you’re a condo owner or a buyer you have probably set your foot or an eye on a dream condo house. Well, that’s exciting to here, but with the increasingly demand on houses, from apartment to condo, prices are often hurting and the cheaper you demand, the less square feet you get on a condo. However, in recent times, there have been new furnishing and decorative practices that transform even the smallest condos out there. Where does the secret lie?

With simple tips for furnishing a condo, you are bound to make yours feel less cluttered and congested, and maximize every inch if it.

1. First thing first, plan.
What do you need, of course, you must have done prior research, consultations or observations? From there, you already know what is it that you want in your condo, and also the things you don’t want. Know and understand your needs. You can do this by evaluating your lifestyle and budget, if you don’t cook, do you really need a dining table? stuff like that will help you get a better understanding of what you need to add to your condo.

2. Measure your condo, more than once
Just to get a clear picture of the furniture layout, it’s important you measure every inch of the condo and then have some rough estimate size of the furniture or the things you’ll be bringing. Create a mental picture of your floor plan use with enough walking spaces in mind. Before you go out on furniture shopping, consider taking few shots of the condo for visualizing purposes.

3.Get down to different furniture stores
In 2013
, it is estimated that furniture and home furnishings stores made about 101.41 billion U.S. dollars worth of sales. With visual images of your condo, it’s time to do some shopping, furniture first. Here, be as methodical as you can, you’d want to buy something that can’t even fit the door to your condo. And just because you are limited in space, doesn’t mean you have to buy miniature-sized furniture; you only need to do a neat floor plan, and everything else should fit right in place.

Prioritize first, get a sofa, bed, study table which can be multifunctional designed to accommodate your books, and a few electronics. Are you a color person, then you should consider having your favorite ones that will also match with paintings on your condo’s walls and doors. Choose lighter colored pieces to make your house seem more open.

4. Multifunctional all the way
Of all the tips for furnishing a condo, this is probably the most functional home furnishing styles you’ll live to be proud of. Get furniture that is multipurpose, a sugar coat to modern condo living. A good example is the one mentioned above, find a study table with movable sections to accommodate your books and different sections for your electronics; you can also get a coffee table that serves well as a dining table when raised. There are chairs with bookshelf sections and beds with extra storage spaces beneath. Plenty of choices you have there.

What will stand in your way of furnishing a home if at all you’ll stick to these tips for furnishing a condo? They are pretty easy and straightforward, enjoy every step of it.

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