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Moving Soon? Here Are 3 Simple Tips for Furnishing a Home for the First Time

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Are you moving into a new home soon? Whether you’ve chosen a stunning resale in your area or you’ve chosen to build new, you’ll also need to consider how you go about decorating and choosing furniture. This is one of the joys of buying a home because it’s almost like getting a fresh start. You can consult an interior designer for tips on furnishing a home when you go shopping, and you can also use these ideas for furnishing a home or condo listed below:

Measure as accurately as possible.

Before you move into your new home, you should have the chance for a walk-through to get an idea of the space. You might also do some measuring during your home inspection, if you have the time. Not only do you want to measure the rooms themselves but any doorways or stairs nearby. This will help you gauge whether or not the furniture you’ve chosen will fit through the door. If not, you could wind up having to bring it through a window or else return it once it arrives — not an ideal situation. In the event that you’re unable to do some measurements in person, see if there are any blueprints available for the house.

Plan painting around your furniture.

Unless your new home is move-in ready, there’s a good chance that you’ll want to select your own paint colors. Some people might want to paint first and then go furniture shopping, but most will probably find furniture that they like and then choose paint colors accordingly. However, you’ll most likely want to paint first — before your furniture gets delivered. You can grab some paint swatches from your home improvement store and use them while furniture shopping. Many places will also allow you to get small paint samples for your walls, so you can test which colors will look best.

Experiment with different home furnishing styles.

One of the greatest things about furnishing a home for the first time is that you have the opportunity to try a new style for your home. For example, if you like the idea of using a nautical or beach decor style in your home, then you can choose different colors, like ocean blues, or textures, such as seagrass, when you go to decorate. Get ideas from Pinterest or other sources online before you go shopping.

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