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Six Reasons to You Should Own a Pair of Footed Pajamas

Adult pajama onesies

Have you heard of the trend sweeping the nation? If you’re nodding your head in complete and utter comfort and relaxation, it’s because you’ve jumped on the adult footed pajamas band wagon. If you aren’t “in the know” you might be rolling your eyes and thinking, “I wouldn’t be caught dead in footed pajamas!” But wait! Hear us out!

Before you rob yourself of the joy and euphoria that only can be achieved in a set of footed pajamas for adults, consider our eight favorite reasons that footed pajamas are an investment that will make you rich one day (well, not rich. But certainly comfortable…)

Six Reasons to You Should Own a Pair of Footed Pajamas

  1. They make people laugh.

    No matter what event you’re attending, you’re sure to be the highlight of the party if you’re wearing footed pajamas. What’s even better is if you coordinator the print on your footed pajama with the theme of the event. You’re going to a luau? Pineapple print footed pajamas will make you the Tikki King! The occasion is a bachelorette party? Time to order your very own set of eggplant emoticon footed pajamas, if you catch our drift. Going to a sleepover party with your girlfriends? New Kids on the Block footed pajamas will make you the IT girl. Check and mate. The point is, there’s no way a party can be a dud when you’re wearing a pair of adult footed pajamas!

  2. They also meet your costume needs.

    Wearing a costume can be a real bummer sometimes. They’re itchy. They’re uncomfortable. They’re expensive and you’ll only wear them one time, which is downright wasteful. However, the moment you throw a pair of footed pajamas on, you’re not only ready for bed, you’re also ready to win all the costume contests.

    No matter what the print on your footed pajama is, you just throw your hair in pigtails and add some freckles and suddenly you’re dress as a giant toddler. However, you can even take it a step further and get yourself a novelty footed pajama that doubles as a costume for the Marshmallow Man, or Chewbacca, or whoever your heart desires.
  3. Practical for doing your business.

    Let’s talk about that butt flap. It’s not just for decoration. When you wake in the middle of the night with the need to relieve yourself, you might feel a sense of dread getting out of the cozy comfort of your warm bed. Well dread no more, my friend. When you wear footed pajamas, you take all that comfort with you. And there’s no need to expose your skin to the harsh cold of winter in order to sit upon the commode. Footed pajamas have the built in option to use the restroom without sacrificing any of the warm, cozy comfort of the bed. But without actually using the bathroom in bed… if that was your next idea.

  4. Waking up is easier.

    Isn’t the sound of the alarm clock when you’re warm and cozy in bed like the worst sound in the world? Well no longer. When you wear footed pajamas, getting out of bed doesn’t mean losing all the comfort of bed. Having the warmth and coziness of bed wrapped around you like a warm hug while you get your coffee started and make breakfast makes preparing for the day much easier.

  5. Relive the glory days.

    Being an adult is hard. Bills. Mortgages. Gas prices. Elections. Calories. These things weren’t even a thing you thought about as a child, but now they ruin your day. While we can’t actually rewind time and give you your carefree childhood back, when you step in a pair of footed pajamas, it instantly takes you back to those days when life was much easier.

  6. They’re cool.

    If you’re that person who never picks up on trends until they’re old news, this is your chance to be ahead of the times. Footed pajamas are still a bit on the obscure side of fashion, but mark my words, the day is coming that everyone will wear them, always. You’ll see police officers and judges, and physicians, all conducting business in the comfort of their jammies. And yes, one day the trend is going to reach your mom. You want to beat your mom to it.

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