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Beyond Seashells Beach Decor Tips For Interior Design and Furnishings

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Some people prefer the mountains, but sane people know that there’s nothing better than a beach house of your own. And if you grew up going on family vacations to the coast, then you know that beach homes and condominiums have a very unique style. It’s most commonly known as beach decor, and it’s more complicated than it looks.
Sure, you’ll find plenty of sand and seashell-themed decorations, but if you really want to decorate your beach home in style, you’ll need more than a jar of seashells. Fortunately, because beach decor has such a familiar and distinctive look, most people pick it up pretty quickly. It’s one of those, “I don’t know how to define it, but I know it when I see it,” type of situations. Plus, for those with a limited home furnishing budget, it’s possible to fully furnish and decorate a beach house on a budget.

Coastal Decor: Tips for Furnishing a Home Away From Home

Here’s the number one most important tip for decorating your beach home away from home: make it yours.
What does that mean? Forget about home furnishing styles and feng shui for a moment, and instead think of all the wonderful memories you have had at the beach with friends and family. Do you have mementos, photos, or little reminders of those memories? Every beach house should have some unique mementos that only mean something to you. It’s these happy little reminders that make a house a home, and they’re essential to doing beach decor right.
Here’s another classic coastal decor tip: you want to simulate a beach scene by bringing in items that remind you of the ocean — things like sea grasses, driftwood, neutral sandy colors, sand dollars, sea life artwork, light sea blues and greens, wicker furniture, and yes, seashells. Basically, anything that reminds you of the beach, except for the sand and water!
Finally, many people enjoy using sheer, breezy curtains to make sure you’re letting in lots of natural light into the home. If you don’t have a sunlight, use light bulbs that mimic natural light for a more coastal feel.
For those without a massive home furnishing budget, spend your money on the most important pieces of furniture. Find local furniture stores that sell beds, couches, and other essential items. Spend your money where it counts on these important items, then buy smaller things like coffee tables and deck chairs secondhand.
Ultimately, so long as it feels like home, you’ve succeeded!
Have any more tips and ideas for furnishing a home on a limited home furnishing budget? Let us know in the comments! Visit here for more information. Refernce materials.

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