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New Residential Communities Offer Recreation and Luxury Living

Lakeside community

Those looking to move into a new home in a beautiful setting with a vibrant community may find the perfect place through residential property listings. Many residential communities offer – along with all home essentials like safety and comfort – a relaxed lifestyle with resort-like amenities and recreational opportunities.

Residential communities offer a mix of housing types and choices, to suit different needs. What they have in common is a relaxed, comfortable lifestyle, with facilities for recreation, exercise and community.

Are you ready to move into a new home?

People are buying homes for all kinds of reasons. They could be late Gen-X?ers buyng a first home. More than a quarter – fully 27% – of all new home sales are made to Gen-Xers. Retired and semi-retired boomers could be looking to downsize, in a warmer climate.

Entrepreneurs and business executives relocating for work with their families, or for a shorter commute, might be looking for larger homes, with three, four or even five bedrooms.

Health and fitness

The location of your retirement home is a big choice, and perhaps not one that most people have thought about a lot. Activity and exercise are the key to a happy retirement. Good health is also high on the list of priorities; a recent survey found that 81% of the retirees thought it was the most important thing.

This is in keeping with the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC recommends two and a half hours of moderate aerobic activity each week for people of 65 years of age or older and in fairly good health. The CDC also recommends two sessions of muscle training each week.

Residential retirement communities increasingly offer facilities for exercise and recreation – green spaces, golf courses and running tracks, lakes for fishing and boating.

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