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When You’re Ready to Live the Retirement You’ve Always Dreamed of We’re Waiting for You!


Are you reaching retirement age or already there? Looking at real estate for sale, a new home, or some vacation lake property? Have you looked at real estate for sale in South Carolina? Well, y?all should!

There are a little more than 40 million Americans that are 65 and older, making up 13% of the U.S. population. And by 2030, when all the baby boomers will have reached age 65 and older, the over 65 crowd will make up 20% of the population in the U.S.

In a recent survey of MONEY Magazine readers, almost half of retirees reported being happier in retirement than they had expected. A big part of that is health. Good health is paramount! In a recent poll, 81% of retirees said it was the most vital element for having a happy retirement. Where you live can promote health and happiness, keep that in mind as you look into real estate and land for sale.

The happiest and healthiest retirees participate in three or four activities regularly, while those who are the least happy engage in only one or two. Well, the first museum, the first playhouse, and the first public college in the United States were all in Charleston, S.C. As you can imagine the culture?s only grown since then, so there?s plenty to do and see down here.

Now, the CDC says that if you are 65 or older, in good shape, and healthy, you should be getting two and a half hours of moderate aerobic activity weekly, and that you should also do some sort of muscle training twice a week. South Carolina has more than 300 private and public golf courses altogether, including Myrtle Beach, the Golf Capital of the world.

So, if you?re ready for a relaxed lifestyle in a safe neighborhood with a vibrant community, why not look at real estate down hear. You?ll be glad you did, and we?ll be glad to have you.

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