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Is Planning an Outdoor Wedding for the Birds?

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There is something incredibly magical about having your wedding outdoors. The fresh air gives you a sense of freedom and joy that a cramped hotel ballroom just doesn’t have. Sometimes, planning an outdoor wedding involves a little more logistics, but the atmosphere that Mother Nature contributes to an event cannot be beat!

Unless you are planning your festivities at a venue that makes these arrangements for you, you want to make sure your checklist of tasks (and budget) include these items:

  • Renting a Tent
    As majestic as the great outdoors can be, the possibility of inclement weather always exists. While you cannot control the weather, you can prepare for it. When renting a tent, you want to consider the space you need, the function it will serve, and the space you’re filling.

    It’s advantageous to look for wedding tent rentals that are as square as the property allows. The more square-shaped the tent, the higher the ceiling can be. Not only does this look better, higher-ceiling tents allow for better air flow for heat and cooling equipment in warm or cool conditions. Not to mention, a square-shaped gives everyone the feeling Generally, your tent will be one of two setups:

    • A pole tent has a pole that supports roof at the center of the tent, and the tent ceiling cascades down from there. A pole tent is less expensive, take less time to put up, and sometimes are more easthetically pleasing. The drawback to a pole tent is that they have to be staked to the ground, so they can’t be used on asphalt or concrete, and you have to have five to eight feet available around the perimeter of the tent for anchor ropes.
    • A frame tent uses a modular frame that holds the tent in place. If your wedding is in a place that cannot be staked into, such as a beautiful rooftop, you’ll want to use a frame tent.

  • Heating and Cooling
    Besides renting a tent, your next biggest priority is making sure your guests are comfortable in hot or cold conditions. The cost of using air conditioning in the non-insulated state of a tent would be unbelievable, so in hot weather, your best bet are industrial fans, light misters, or an evaporation cooler. In cold conditions, a furnace just outside the tent that brings warm air into the party is a simple, inexpensive solution. We don’t recommend patio heaters, as the nature of the festivities make it a fire hazard.
  • Other Must-Haves
    It’s important to inquire about the following must-have outdoor wedding items. Some venues include some of them and some don’t. Of course, if your outdoor wedding is a backyard party, you’ll be responsible for all of them:

    • Flooring It’s completely appropriate to let the earth be your ground, but make sure to warn guests so they wear appropriate footwear. If you’re going to have dancing, you’ll at least want to include a dance floor.
    • Rental Chairs and Tables. This is probably obvious, but it’s a detail you don’t want to assume will be provided!
    • Linens. We’re talking table clothes for the buffet and the dining tables. We’re talking chair covers. We’re talking cloth napkins.

Do you have any suggestions for other people who are planning an outdoor wedding? Please include them in the comment section below.

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