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Let’s Digitalize Those Old Photos!

Photo scanning services

Come fire or high water, one in four Americans say their personal photographs are more important than their birth certificates or Social Security cards. This sentiment is logical, because vital records are also stored safely elsewhere, though you might perhaps run into a bit of trouble in acquiring them again. Old photographs, however, are gone forever without the aid of a picture digitizing service.

It may seem as though traditional rolls of film have gone by the wayside to make way for the ubiquitous cell phone. Contrary to what the media portrays, point-and-shoot cameras are still very much in use, though cell phones are more favored for their convenience. For example, a 2011 survey found that Americans used roughly 31 million rolls of film. About 60% of that number was in the form of disposable cameras, intended for use at weddings and other large gatherings. Why miss an opportunity to remember the fashion of the day at a later date?

Weddings, christenings, and other big family gatherings can be a great opportunity to get pictures of all the family at once, especially in today’s world. A picture digitizing service can ensure those rolls of film are preserved. The transition from photographic print to digital is easy with new pictures. Things become slightly more complicated with old photo digitalization.

Old photo restoration can be done with relative ease by a picture digitizing service. The tricky part is getting the photograph separated from the casing it has likely been stuck in for a few decades. If the photographs or negatives are hanging around in an old shoe box in a closet somewhere, the task is easier. Using slide scanning services, professionals can scan and upload those precious pictures. The wonders of technology can even fix damaged photos, using fade restoration, tinting, or what is known as a spot-heal. A picture digitalizing service cannot perform miracles, but they are skilled at what they do.

Besides letters, photographs are our closest ties to our past. The old adage, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words,’ is a bit of a hyperbole, but the feeling is understood by everyone. A picture is no more than a snapshot of a moment that will never come again. Let’s preserve our memories for future generations to see.

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