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Why Are More Parents Sending Their Children To Private High Schools?

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Your child’s youth doesn’t last forever. How do you make sure they get the most out of their years? It never hurts to start with education, where they’ll learn everything from day-to-day necessities to social skills that will stick with them for decades. The debate concerning public schools and private schools is a lengthy one that’s seen a lot of concern for parents who just want to make sure they’re giving their children the best possible chance at success. If you’ve found yourself at similar crossroads, the piece below will detail everything you need to know about the top private schools and what they have to offer.

What does your child need to learn during school? As much as possible. The basics of math, language and science are incredibly important, but so are foreign languages, creative pursuits and domestic skills that will carry them through their adult years. A head start is not to be underestimated, as ongoing studies have contributed meaningful discourse to what a boost can do for a bright and eager child. Kids who attend preschool have been found to do 20% better in math and reading later on than those who did not.

There are over 30,000 private schools across the United States. They account for nearly 25% of the nation’s schools and enroll around 10% of all students between preschool and 12th grade. Although public schools are a valid option for those who are restricted by the confines of their neighborhood and traveling abilities, many parents are starting to make the switch to private schools for their plethora of educational and social benefits. The top private schools offer fantastic preparation for everything from the fine arts to social studies and sciences.

A major appeal of a private school is the smaller size. Over 85% of private schools have 300 students or less, providing a much slimmer classroom model that encourages more one-on-one attention than many public schools. For children with mental illness or learning disabilities this is an additional plus that can mean the difference between a successful childhood education and a difficult work-life balance in adulthood. A recent study saw over 80% of parents with students enrolled in private high schools being ‘very satisfied’.

Academic standards are high at the top private schools and for good reason. These are designed not to just cover the basics, but to ensure your child is able to succeed at the best colleges or obtain the best internships. According to data provided by NCES, a stunning 88% of all private high school students will apply to college. Compare this to just under 60% for those in public school. Any child with big dreams can ensure their vision will be nurtured in a supportive and constructive educational space.

With a small class environment and a higher academic standard, the top private schools will provide the best possible chance for your child’s success.

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