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Education Is With Your Child Forever How Private Schools Lay A Powerful Foundation Through Adulthood

Education is a gift a child carries with them throughout their lifetime. Unfortunately, this simple truth can feel like a double-edged sword.

When so much rides on the educational system, settling for anything less can feel like a disaster waiting to happen. You want to ensure your children aren’t just prepared mathematically, but socially. As a parent with big dreams, you want every area in their life to be supported. The best schools aren’t the ones that have just one or the other, but everything under one roof. The private school model is a solution more and more parents in the United States are turning to as a result.

The solid benefits of prep schools will pave out your child’s life brick by brick. Don’t settle for less and read on to learn about why the best private education is the safest bet.

Firstly, it’s important to eliminate common misconceptions about private schools and what they do. One of the most repeated stereotypes is that the private school is a rare encounter — in reality, around 25% of all American schools are private. According to recent studies, there were nearly three million students enrolled in private elementary schools in the 2015-2016 year. Of the three to five year-olds enrolled in private preschool programs, over 50% attended full-day programs. Whether your child is preschool age or high school age, they have options.

Another common misconception is that the smaller school size will disrupt social learning. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The average private school classroom size is under 20 students, giving them the opportunity to enjoy a more intimate learning environment. Student apathy is a major problem in today’s schools, due in no small part to classes that are simply too large for one-on-one interactions. A recent survey saw 20% of public school teachers reporting apathy to be a major problem…but just 5% of private school teachers saying the same.

This isn’t all you’ll be able to enjoy when you sign your child up for classes. The private school model is famous for boasting some of the highest SAT scores across the nation. The average national private school SAT score has been hovering at 1235. Compare this to the national average for public schools, which has been at a consistent 1060. Additionally, the best schools put extra emphasis on college-related matters — counselors at private schools report spending around 55% of their time on helping students prepare for higher education.

Why do private schools tend to outperform public schools? It’s all in the foundation. Instead of going for a ‘quantity over quality’ approach, private schools embrace your child’s unique qualities. They stress the one-on-one educational model and provide several opportunities for your little one to be the best they can be, rather than pushing them into a box. Alongside the best private education you can supplement your children’s future with arts camp and endless extracurriculars.

Making the switch can be difficult. It’s easier to stick with a routine you know, even if it’s a routine that’s not delivering on all fronts. Before the school year starts, reach out to the best schools in the area and ask for a tour. Meet with a teacher or representative that can walk you through the best private schools and show you how they can improve your child’s future. Better grades and an increased chance of attending university are just a few of the benefits that await.

Give your child a lifelong gift. The best high schools in Miami are just around the corner.

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