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How A Little Landscaping Can Sell Your Home Faster Than The Competition

Selling a house

How do you sell your own home? Do you just put it up for market and hope the right person stumbles upon it or do you go out of your way to contact a real estate agent for tips? It can all seem a little frustrating when you just want to move on with your life and start over fresh. Selling a home is a process millions of people in America are very familiar with, from the initial pricing to the refurbishing to the marketing. Although there is never any guarantee you’ll sweep potential buyers off their feet within the first week of putting up your home, there are ways you can speed up the process and avoid common pitfalls on your way to that purchase.

The tips below, from popular real estate tips to landscaping suggestions, will make selling your house a lot easier.

Are You Selling A Home Online? Polish Your Photos

People want a fast and convenient approach nowadays. This carries over into everything, including buying a new house, and something you shouldn’t take for granted when selling your home. Studies have shown that homes with six photos or more on their online listing are twice as likely to be considered by buyers than those with fewer. Photos offer buyers a full perspective on what they’re getting into, making both their job and your job easier.

Find A Happy Balance Between Affordable And Satisfactory

You don’t need to sell yourself short. You also don’t need to keep your prices too high above your competition and risk losing customer after customer, either. highly recommends that you should go about selling your home with 15%, even 20%, taken off what it’s actually worth. This can still get you a good chunk of money while looking incredibly good while up on the market. Still worried about the cost? Then keep reading…

Give Your Home A Little Touch-Up Before You’re Done

For those who are stressing about their home’s ROI, there are a few ways you can nip those fears in the bud when selling your home. Well-landscaped homes have been found to sell for 5% to 10% more than similarly designed and furbished houses. Over 90% of real estate agents in a recent study also encourage homeowners to invest in a little landscaping before selling to encourage better curb appeal.

Try Looking Into Outdoor Renovations

It’s all right to be unsure where to start with renovations. There are plenty of options to choose from, after all, and you want to give your homes for sale the best possible chance at success. Outdoor renovations do the dual work of increasing your home’s ROI as well as its curb appeal. This can be something simple, like adding a new mailbox or touching up your shrubbery with some new additions. It can be more complex, like installing a new fence or a few new trees.

Know Your Market Demographics And What They Want

What do people want from their homes? Who is buying and who is selling? According to studies by Zillow, the vast majority of buyers want to purchase single-family homes. Another study provided by has predicted 60% of homebuyers over the next few years will be under, not over, the age of 35. Last, but not least, one of the most requested aspects of a nice home is one with good landscaping.

Follow Your Checklist Closely When Selling A Home

Selling a home is far from a possible endeavor. There’s a booming market of people out there who are very interested in a place to call their own…and your house could be just what they’ve always wanted. Curating a strong online presence with clear photos and easy contact information is a great way of putting your best foot forward. A little landscaping can also do wonders for looking better than the competition. Consumer to consumer real estate is a large field, but that doesn’t mean it’s an unwelcoming one.

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