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How to Achieve the Ultimate Vision for Your Home

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What is the overall style of your home’s decor? If you’re in the process of redecorating, then you may be interested to learn how other Americans have decorated their homes:

  • Traditional: 44%
  • Modern: 22%
  • Eclectic: 13%
  • Country: 10%
  • Global: 2%

Since you’re planning to redecorate some or all of the rooms in your house, you’re in good company. A recent survey showed that just 20% of Americans are actually happy with their home’s overall decor. The survey also revealed that 14% of the participants stated that their home’s furnishings caused them to feel gloomy and stressed.

Whether you feel gloomy and stressed by your home furnishings or are just ready for a change, you might want to consider exploring beautiful Scandinavian furnishings. When you find where to buy Scandinavian furniture, Danish modern art, or Vita Copenhagen lighting, you might just discover that this is the style of decor that will revitalize your home’s interiors.

A Houzz home decorating survey revealed that just 2% of its participants had ?achieved their ultimate vision for their home.? For those individuals that haven’t accomplished this, it may be because they haven’t attempted to update their home’s decor in years. Others might have begun searching for a new look that reflects their taste and lifestyle and haven’t discovered it yet.

How long has it been since you updated your home decor? A survey revealed that 47% of people in the United States haven’t done so in over 5 years, while 9% haven’t done so in over 10 years. While the reasons for this will vary, it may be that many of these individuals are looking for more ideas before they purchase new furniture, lighting, and other accoutrement.

Once you learn where to buy Scandinavian furniture or another style of furniture that suits your tastes, it’s important to remember the “Rule of 3s” when redecorating your home. Basically, this means that odd numbers of objects, such as prints or table-top items, should be grouped together. Interior decorators will tell you that these displays will catch the eye better than even-numbered placements.

Since it’s so important that your home reflects your personality and lifestyle, locating just the right types of home furnishings can make all the difference. Whether you’re planning to handle this on your own or work with an interior designer, hold that vision in your mind and watch as it unveils within your home.

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