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A Few Tips to Get You Started on Creating the Home Environment That You Envision

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Did you know that just 20% of people in the United states are happy with the decor in their houses or apartments? That’s what a recent survey revealed. If you want to give your home an entirely new look, you may have started searching for the perfect furniture, lighting, and art.

Before you go shopping, doesn’t it make sense to engage in a bit of spring cleaning first? Since you’re probably busy at work, school, or with other obligations, it may feel like you don’t have enough time to conduct a thorough job. The good news, however, is that all you need is a solid schedule to accomplish this task, and it doesn’t need to be finished in a single day!

Once you make a list of everything that needs a good cleaning or re-organizing, write down how long you think it might take to complete each project. Will it take 10 minutes? 30? An hour or longer? Just choose a project a day, and within 30 days, your entire house or apartment will be clean and uncluttered. You may also discover that you have items to donate or otherwise give away as you’re going through this process.

After you’ve completed your spring cleaning, it’s time to go shopping for new furniture, lighting, and home decor. If you have a space that could be used for a dining room, for example, then you may be interested in Danish modern furnishings for that area. According to a recent Houzz home decorating survey, almost 75% of their participants said they planned to use their dining room every week. To showcase your dining room table, pendant and other types of lighting fixtures may appeal to you.

Do you have a gallery wall? If you really love modern Danish art, for example, it’s a good idea to leave 3 inches between each frame to highlight each piece.

If you know any interior designers, they will remind you of the “rule of 3s.” When you begin a home decorating project, keep this rule in mind. In general, odd numbers are more pleasing and interesting than even numbers, so when you follow this guidance, your displays will be much more eye-catching.

Since lighting is so important, you’ll enjoy looking at Greta Grossman lamps, Arne Jacobsen lamps, and Serge Mouille lamps. Whether you prefer to have a few standing Greta Grossman lamps in your living room, or wall-mounted Greta Grossman lamps in your home office, there are several styles from which to choose.

Once you’ve purchased everything you need to update your home’s decor, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your vision. Chances are that if you were to take a Houzz home decorating survey, you’d be able to say that you have created a home that resonates with your ultimate vision.

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