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From Home to Resort Furniture A Burgeoning Industry

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In order to create comfortable living and entertaining spaces for homes, commercial rental properties, and resort establishments, a considerable amount of furniture is needed. This includes furniture for outdoor living environments, such as patios, gardens, and poolside lounging.

Sales Revenue and Projections

Every year, the furniture industry brings in a significant amount of revenue, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. In 2015, the combined spending on bedding and consumer furniture was $102 billion, and spending is expected to increase until 2020.

In June 2016, for example, furniture and home furnishings’ store sales amounted to $9.27 billion combined, as indicated in a U.S. Department of Commerce report. By June 2017, however, this sales category rose to $9.51 billion.

The National Retail Federation recently reported on furniture sales for the back-to-school shopping season. Sales projections indicate that these sales may reach $6.23 billion. Since many students need to relocate for college, it is more convenient to purchase new furnishings from a local establishment.

Investing in Outdoor Patio Furniture

Many prospective homeowners prefer to purchase houses with patios for relaxing and entertaining. In 2010, for example, 59,000 houses with patios were sold. Just 4 years later in 2014, there were an estimated 96,000 houses with patio sold.

Furniture Today conducted a survey that found 90% of the participants that invested in outdoor furniture had a broad range of household income. This was determined to be between $30,000.00 and $100,000.00.

There is expected to be an increased demand for outdoor furniture and grills in the United States, according to a recent study. By 2019, these sales are expected to rise 3.7% every year with annual revenues of $9.1 billion.

Popular Types of Outdoor Furnishings

The 2009 Furniture Today study found that 8% of the furniture sales were for these and other items:

  • Gliders
  • Recliners
  • Swivel rockers

Matching commercial patio furniture sets are also popular choices, as are other types of outdoor furniture. CR Plastics Adirondack chairs, for instance, are known for their style and comfort. It is interesting to note that the first Adirondack chair prototype was created in1903 by Thomas Lee, and it continues to be a popular design.

When it comes to purchasing resort furniture, CR Plastics Adirondack chairs are an excellent choice. These chairs also make excellent additions to rental property patios and common areas along with side tables and recliners.

Given the increased sales in outdoor furnishings, which includes CR Plastics Adirondack chairs, it appears that more and more Americans are choosing to enjoy time outdoors. Whether they’re doing so at home with friends and family or when on vacation, having comfortable patio furniture makes a significant difference.

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