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Three Quick and Easy Space Saving Tips and Tricks for Small Sheds

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Every homeowner knows the value of having a shed on their property. Not only does it serve as a place to store large bulky items, but the space can be used for a number of other things and can help increase the value of a property. The problem with sheds is that they can easily become disorganized dump sites and become hard to use. Here are a few space saving tips and tricks to maximize the space in small sheds.

1. Keep it clean.
This should go without saying, but the best space saving tip there is for small sheds is to keep it clean. You should go through your shed once a year and remove all of its contents. Clean, make repairs, and donate anything you haven’t touched in a year. Throw away anything that’s been damaged or has been worn over the year. The rest of the time, make sure that you put everything back in its place to reduce clutter.

2. Store on the ceiling.
Another super simple space saving trick for small sheds is to store on the ceiling. The ceiling has at least as much area as the floor, so take advantage of it. You could install tracks along the ceiling that will accommodate sliding storage buckets or add a rack to the ceiling that items can be hung from — especially large and oddly shaped items like bicycles.

3. Install pegboard walls.
Since small sheds do have limited floor space, another space saving trick is to use the walls. The best way to do this is to just install at least one pegboard wall. Pegboards are a common feature in custom sheds because they’re a pretty easy way to store things like tools, which 77% of people store in garden sheds. You can move pegs around and add more to accommodate more things as needed, and uses the available space on the walls.

Do you have any other tips and tricks for storing things in small sheds? Feel free to share them with us by joining the discussion in the comments section below.

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