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The Perks of Sending Your Children to Private School

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Over and over again, we see children from private schools live healthier, happier and higher achieving lives than their public school counterparts. But why? What are the factors that make private schools, from private preschool all the way up to private universities, better spaces for learning?

Student to Teacher Ratio
36% of private schools have average student to teacher ratios of 10:1 or lower while that number is 10% for public schools. In fact, some public school classrooms each into the 30s. An important measure when finding a good preschool, primary school, high school and college is how much attention a student can expect to get. The fewer students assigned to each teacher, the more time a teacher can spend offering individualized help. This makes a huge difference for student accomplishment.

Athletic Programs
About 20% of homes have a park or other space for recreation within a one mile radius. Private elementary often have a focus on athletics and wellness so that kids become mentally and physically fit. Many parents wonder how to find a preschool, primary school or high school that offers a strong athletic program. It takes a lot of money and teacher effort to put athletic programs together. For this reason, private schools often offer much more.

Moral Structure
Nearly 80% of all private schools have a religious affiliation. This affiliation gives students a community to belong to and borrow ethics from. Private school students often perform better because they are surrounded by examples of exemplary ethics and citizenship. However, in public schools, a variety of ideas what right and wrong are present. Choosing the best preschool or primary education for your children often starts with figuring out how to find a preschool that aligns with your moral ideologies. From there, consider the school student to teacher ratio and finally the overall achievement of the school’s students.

While private school may be costly, the benefits usually far outweigh the costs. achievement is high in private schools because investment and buy-in are also quite high. Caring parents and communities make a big difference.

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