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Think You’re Serious About Your Favorite Show? This San Diego Man Stabbed His Brother While Fighting Over the Remote

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Television remote controls are well-known for their ability to make watching your favorite shows and movies more relaxing and convenient. For this reason, it isn’t uncommon for family members to bicker over who gets to use the TV remote controls, especially siblings. But would you stab your brother or sister over this disagreement? Such an incident occurred in San Diego on April 6, reminding embattled parents everywhere that it might be time to purchase a second television and some additional programmable remote controls.

Just after midnight on Monday, April 6, Kieran Hallett Devine stabbed his older brother in an apparent argument over the TV remote controls while watching late night television. The San Diego Police Department has refused to release the victim’s name to protect his identity, but say that the siblings were scuffling over the TV remote controls when the older brother, 28, hit Devine in the head with a cane. In retaliation, Devine stabbed him in the chest with a knife.

Both brothers reportedly live with their parents, and their mother called 911 when she saw her children fighting on the patio. The victim was hospitalized with a life-threatening stab wound, and Devine was arrested on charges of attempted murder. His arraignment was scheduled for Thursday, April 9.

While the Devine case might seem surreal and unlikely, it probably sums up the secret fear of every parent who has ever joked that their children were going to kill each other someday. And as many people know, simple squabbles can easily devolve into all out brawls, just as play fighting can also cause actual injuries. Most parents likely know they can’t prevent all disagreements and fights, but sometimes it may help to take steps to reduce conflict. For example, hiding the TV remote controls, or even purchasing a second television, something the entire family may benefit from. With the wide variety of replacement remotes available, it is possible to find another copy of your original remote controls, reducing your confusion even as you prevent future disagreements.

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