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Entire Garden Shed Stolen From Canadian Cooperative

Amish built garage

In one of the more bizarre acts of thievery you’ll probably hear about today, the manager of the Maples Living Discover Gardens Co-op in Langley, Canada showed up to work on Dec. 17 at the normal time only to discover the entire garden shed was gone. According to the local news site LangleyTimes.com, Amanda Smith arrived to the co-op on that Thursday morning to feed the chickens when she quickly realized something was out of place.

“It was a bit of a shocker and frustrating,” Smith said. “Now, (we’re) just onto replacing the missing tools at this point. And a lock to purchase for our front gate.”

Although the garden shed was not one of the custom Amish sheds that have become popular to many people in America, it was made out of wood like theirs are. The Amish garden shed builders usually use oak, cherry, hickory, walnut, or maple. It’s unclear what the Maples Living Co-op used and if it was handmade like 100% of Amish furniture.

Whoever made off with the garden shed also took about 60% of their garden tools as well. Rakes, trowels, and pruners were among the many items reported missing. It’s more than just the money and items though to many in the community.

“Beyond being a community garden, this garden works with schools in the area, such as Langley Meadows, to promote community and environmental sustainability in Langley,” said Andrea Stevenson, a supporter of the garden.

Fortunately, donations have already started coming in to help the community garden get back on its feet. One company even donated $450 immediately for a new garden shed. Hopefully this one lasts at least 15 to 20 years, like quality wooden sheds should.

When asked what else the garden could use Smith was very appreciative of any and all donations.

“We are not fussy, our gardeners, volunteers, and school children just need items to take care of our space, and grow food for the community,” she said.

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