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5 Common Misconceptions About Living in a 55+ Community

Over 55 communities in lancaster pa

If you’re in the 55+ age range, you may have already started looking at your retirement options. One that you should consider is living in a 55+ community; unfortunately, many misconceptions about these types of communities sometimes discourage people from investigating them fully. Here are five myths you shouldn’t fall for as you start planning for retirement:

  • You’ll Be the Only Young Person

    It’s important to distinguish between a 55 and up community and a traditional care home. While the latter is a space intended for older seniors who need more extensive care, an over 55 community is simply a master-planned community designed with the needs of retiring people in mind. They’re actually meant to give you more fun opportunities, and are often called “active adult” communities.

  • There’ll Be Nothing to Do but Bingo

    Closely tied to that first myth is the idea that retirement communities only offer stereotypically senior-oriented activities. But over 55 community activities range widely, and you’re as likely to find competitive tennis tournaments and cycling clubs as you are bingo and aquatic fitness.

  • You’ll Lose Your Independence

    Many people worry that giving up their current house will limit their independence. But living in a 55+ community is all about getting support on the tasks you can’t or don’t want to handle so that you can put more energy into the things you really love doing. And since you can slowly transfer more responsibilities over to the community service providers, it will be easier to age in place, too.

  • Your Family Won’t Be Able to See You

    It’s true that some communities have limits on overnight visits from younger people, but in general 55+ communities are kid-friendly — meaning you’ll be able to have the kids and grandkids over as often as you like.

  • You’ll Be Throwing Your Money Away

    Unlike care homes, where residents pay on a per-month, rent-like basis, homes in active adult communities are purchased, just like any other real estate. That means your new home will be just as good of an investment as your old one.

Have you given any thought to living in a 55+ community, or even started looking at 55+ community homes for sale? Share what factors will affect your decision in the comments.

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