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Easy Tips For Helping Families in Need in Your Community When You’re Short on Time

Charity pick up

During the winter holiday season, it’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the spirit of giving back to others. It’s during this hectic and exciting time that organizations that accept clothing donations and other charitable donations receive the most from donors. However, it’s important to keep in mind that those in need can benefit from a helping hand all year round, not just during the holidays.

Finding time to help families and children in need clothing and other necessities can be difficult with today’s busy schedules. It can be difficult to find time to spend with your own family, let alone help another. However, donating has several benefits, and can instill you with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

While any form of donations for non profit organizations are eagerly accepted, clothing donations are especially important and beneficial for families and children in need clothing. Although the worst of the winter may already be behind us, clothing donations can be given any time of year. In fact, professional attire such as business casual clothing is in demand all year round.

Now that spring is just around the corner, now is the perfect time to evaluate your wardrobe and determine what you’d like to donate. Did you know that the average American throws away nearly 68 pounds of clothing each year. Nearly 99% of all clothing and textiles that are thrown away can be recycled or reused in some way, shape or form. Therefore, not only does donating clothes help others in need, it also helps to reduce textile waste.

Several organizations offer clothing donation pick up services, allowing you to leave your donated clothing items outside your home and office and they will be picked up by the organization.

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