Heart and Home: How to Best Prepare For Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most magical things that can happen to an individual but not many people know how to best prepare for pregnancy. Planning for a new pregnancy doesn’t start when sperm meets egg; rather, it begins as soon as you make the decision to do so.

This means that you have to do more than just invest in procreation activities. New parents will quickly realize that it doesn’t come naturally for everyone and a lot of mistakes will be made along the way. In the meantime, investing in your health and home is necessary as you learn how to best prepare for pregnancy.

In order to welcome a new member of the family into your life, you will need to do a lot of planning, take a lot of time, and save more than a little money. After all, a baby takes a lot of work: it’s better to start planning for a baby sooner than later.

If you’re wondering how to best prepare for pregnancy, rely on these tips to get started:

Start with your own health

The health of your baby starts with your own health. After all, the baby is growing inside of you: as such, you want to fuel it with healthy food, plenty of light activities, and low levels of stress.

Of course, it isn’t always easy to live your healthiest life. it’s no surprise that countless people visit medical weight loss centers to learn about healthy lifestyle changes that actually last. These centers realize that diets don’t work; rather, healthy lifestyle changes are the key to long-term results. Before you start planning to have a child, it’s worth it to talk to a health professional about your lifestyle.

This is because you’re still expected to live healthily while you’re pregnant. In fact, people who are overweight or underweight will have more trouble getting pregnant than those in a healthy weight range. Many myths say that you have to eat twice as much because you’re eating for two, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, you’re only supposed to eat a couple hundred more calories a day to fuel your body and your baby. When you’re trying to have a baby, establishing a healthy lifestyle before you get pregnant will ensure you have a healthier pregnancy as a result.

Now is also the perfect time to drop bad habits like drinking and smoking. Everyone deserves the right to smoke their rolling tobacco, but this act is a big no-no for soon-to-be mothers. This is because some chemicals and carcinogens can cross the placenta and affect the baby’s growth and development. This is also a huge reason why alcohol is bad for a child.

There is no reason why someone trying to have a baby can’t indulge in a glass of wine now and then, but studies have shown that smokers typically have a harder time getting pregnant than nonsmokers. Invest in your health, try to drop any bad habits, and talk to your doctor about tips and tricks to have a healthier pregnancy before you start actively trying.

In addition to the aforementioned healthy lifestyle changes, you should also start working toward a more active lifestyle. Parents who are pregnant should be careful when it comes to heavy lifting and particularly rough activities since these actions can detach the placenta and put your baby’s life in jeopardy. That’s why you typically see roller coasters telling pregnant people to avoid those rides. If they didn’t, folks would be hiring an injury attorney to take legal action against the park every day. However, light to moderate exercise routines are vital for bolstering your health during pregnancy. People who are expecting should engage in regular walks or jogs, practice yoga, or lift light weights when pregnant. Regular housework can also help get your heart rate up if you’re too far along to perform yoga or run comfortably.

As the cherry on top, some obstetricians recommend taking prenatal vitamins as soon as you can. These vitamins are great for helping to create a welcoming environment in the uterus while boosting the mother’s health. Talk to your OB/GYN about which options are best for your health since everyone is different.

When you’re learning about how to best prepare for pregnancy, maintaining your health is key. Rely on these simple health tips to get a jump on having a healthier pregnancy.

Invest in your home

While most soon-to-be parents realize that baby-proofing their home is essential, there are many people who fail to engage in regular home maintenance before the baby arrives.

Unfortunately, any number of home accidents can occur that might put your future baby in danger. As a parent, it’s your job to ensure the entirety of your home environment is suitable for a baby with a weakened immune system. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone. There are countless general contracting companies willing to work with your budget. Here are some of the top home repairs to consider before trying to get pregnant:

  • Fix the roof: Water damage is no joke and the number one cause of water damage is a faulty roof. Now that spring is here, there’s no better time to invest in a quality roofing company to inspect your roof. Even a small leak could result in harmful mold growth, bacteria, and structural damage to your home. Should your baby come into contact with molds or fungi, they might get sick. A roofing company will work hard to ensure that your baby stays safe under your roof, no matter which room they are in.
  • Bathroom fixes: As a new parent, you’ll likely be spending ample time in the bathroom cleaning up yourself and your baby. If you have an outdated bathroom, now might be the perfect excuse to give it a facelift. In a more practical sense, be sure to lock cabinet doors containing cleaning items, keep harmful chemicals out of your child’s reach, and invest in child locks for the toilet lids and your shower should they have doors.
  • Plumbing problems: You’ll also want to invest in a quality plumbing inspection to ensure your water quality is good. Lead pipes are still a major problem throughout the United States and a local plumber can put those problems to bed (much like a sleepy baby). Additionally, hard water with too much calcium can dry out your sensitive baby’s skin. Rely on a professional to test your water and make any adjustments before a baby arrives.
  • Clean the garage: Your baby probably won’t be spending much time in a dangerous garage, but you never know what shenanigans they can get up to when they start to crawl. Always keep your garage clean by organizing tools, cleaning spills, and using storage solutions. Installing a keypad on your garage with a specific code can help ensure no one is getting into your garage without your presence.
  • Check out your HVAC system: Dirty HVAC filters can cause deleterious health issues on people with allergies and those with compromised immune systems (like babies). If you’re not cleaning your heating and cooling systems regularly, you could be putting your family at risk. Invest in an HVAC company to clean your system and make any necessary repairs. While you’re at it, you might also want to install new windows and doors to prevent your heating and cooling from — quite literally — going out the window. Hurricane proof doors and windows are a great way to keep your family safe while helping out your utility bills at the same time.

There’s no magic formula to teach you how to best prepare for pregnancy, but this checklist is a great start. If you’re still unsure, rely on your OB/GYN for advice. After all, these individuals are trained to teach you how to best prepare for pregnancy.

Get a new car

Your two-person car is not a safe option for a baby who needs a car seat. Little ones need to sit in the back to prevent issues surrounding airbags and car accidents.

As such, your days of rocking a sports car might be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a minivan that you don’t like. There are plenty of safe car options out there that can accommodate an infant. When you’re looking to buy a new car, you can also consider used options and leases. Unfortunately, the latter option might not be a good idea for a messy infant unless you want to pay for the cost of clean-up when you give the car back to the dealer.

When you’re looking at a used car, be sure to find one with low miles and a verifiable carfax report. No new parent wants to drive a car that was previously owned by a smoker. Read up on the top safety reviews and be sure to go for a more modern car that has the necessary safety features that you want. It doesn’t have to steer itself, but a car with a backup camera can be a life-saver when you’re stressed out from a screaming baby in the back seat.

You might also want to consider investing in a car with a trailer hitch. If you buy the car early enough, your new ride will make transporting heavy items, like cribs and strollers, a breeze as you start buying goods for your new baby. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to buy a car that can tote a full-size RV around: just look for models with a trailer hitch large enough to accommodate most utility trailers. Down the line, this will help when it comes to camping, biking, moving house, and more.

There are plenty of car options out there when you’re thinking of how to best prepare for pregnancy. At the end of the day, there are many cars that will work for you. Look for modern options with plenty of safety features when you want to keep your future baby safer.

How to best prepare for pregnancy

Preparing for your first pregnancy takes a lot of hard work, no doubt about it. It also takes a lot of time, a lot of planning, and more than a little money to get started. But before you jump ahead a few years and start looking for the best pre-K program for your child, you’ll have to make some moderate accommodations to your health and home.

Establishing a great growing environment for your child is one of the best ways to ensure your child’s success. This starts in your body but will soon extend to the rest of your home. If you’re learning how to best prepare for pregnancy, rely on these top tips to get started.

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