Top 10 fashion tips for pregnancy

Forget about the old and odd dressing styles during the time of your pregnancy. Celebrities have shown us how to remain in limelight even in nine months pregnancy.<

1. Dress for your shape
Your body shape is totally different from others. You cannot use the same shapes that have been used by your friends. Therefore, dress as per your own body shape and shop around for different styles.

2. Undergarment comfort
You might have heard that looking good begins from the feeling good. Hence, you should start with soft and right sized underwear. With the passage of time, your body shape will be persistently changing however you need to wear your clothing line as per your body mass.
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3. Invest in the basics
It is necessary to invest some money in purchasing good items during the period of pregnancy. For good looking, you must purchase jeans, pencil skirt and trousers. These are the ideal items for your pregnancy wardrobe.

4. Choose block colors
Try to dress in one solid color rather than looking for busy prints or multiple colors. To look attractive, you can use bright colored jewelry with dark shoes.

5. Work the maxi dress
For a stylish pregnancy wardrobe, maxi dress is a great option irrespective of your body shape. You can wear long sleeveless-shirts. Related gallery: Party dresses (for two)

6. Borrow from your friends
Go to your friends and ask them if they have clothes of pregnancy. Prior to making your choice for roaming in the markets, it is really nice to get some clothes from your experienced friends.

7. Hair and make-up
Most of the women refrain from hair and makeup styles. You should not follow them. If you want to look beautiful try new styles of hair and make-ups.

8. Trade heels for rockin’ flats or wedges
Your feet will swell when your date of delivery is near. But, you need to worry at all. You just need to but ballet flats in leather (in cheeky style).

9. Accessories
You must be accessories like bags, scarves, shoes, and any other thing required for sharpening your looks.

10. Get pampered
A little pampering is necessary for pregnant women. If you can afford a beautician, visit her for mani and pedi cures. If you want to use nail polish, opt for shellac. Besides, pregnancy massage is also a good option.
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