Parents’ tips: buying maternity clothes

During the time of pregnancy, it is really difficult for most of the women to purchase right clothing line. Actually, sudden change in body shape causes plenty of problems for women to buy maternity clothes. In this article, we are going to share with you tips of baby center mums for purchasing maternity clothes.

What features should I look for?
When you go for shopping make sure that you have purchased the clothes of your own size. Not for your boobs only but also for your bumps (Libby)
Bumps brands are better than trousers and jeans. For maternity stuff, it is better for opt for little large. (Sam)
To me, maxi dresses are really good in this summer. (Ruby)
I think cardigans are really best clothes with just one button. (Olivia)
During the time of pregnancy, my feet happened to swell. I would recommend you to wear flip-flops for the summer. (Jo)

Which items of maternity clothing do I actually need?
Don’t buy the whole clothing line of pregnancy, buy what is necessary. (Rachel)
If you are running short of cash, don’t bother to purchase maternity tops. I myself did not purchase T-shirts. (Kimberly)
During the time of my pregnancy, I just bought trousers and leggings. (Lindsey)
I had purchased all secondhand items from a store. (Kelly)
I had borrowed most of the items of pregnancy from my friends and relatives. (Sasha)

Where’s the best place to buy maternity clothes?
I had purchased most of the maternity clothes online. (Sarah)
I had visited a big number of shops. Shopkeepers always told me that sorry we do not keep maternity clothing line. Believe me, when I came across an online store, I just placed my order and got the delivery in few days. (Holly)
There are many auction sites. Visit and find your maternity clothes on reasonable rates. (Annabel)

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