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There are many different types of bed available on the market today, and finding the right bed to suit your needs and blend seamlessly with your decor is an important part of home ownership. Fortunately, there is a bed available for each individual sleeping style, so choosing a bed is less complicated than it seems.

Electric adjustable beds are growing in popularity as they become more readily available and less expensive. While adjustable bed systems were initially used in hospitals, many people have found that they are comfortable and convenient for home living as well. Electric adjustable beds help homeowners find a comfortable sleeping position, in addition to facilitating a more comfortable arrangement for reading or watching tv.

Futons are another type of bed that are becoming more popular. A futon is a full or queen bed that can be folded up to create a sofa when not in use. Futon mattresses are less thick than traditional mattresses, and can be beneficial for people who suffer from back pain. Futons are a popular option in guest rooms, as they take up less space than traditional beds.

If you like the idea of a sofa and bed combined, but prefer a more cushioned mattress, consider investing in a day bed. Day beds are usually twin beds, though the frame is shaped like a bench, with a back and arms, so that the bed can be used as a seat when needed. Day beds are more intricately designed than most futons, and fit with a wide variety of decorative themes.

Electric adjustable beds, futons, and day beds are only some of the beds available for use in decoration today. If you think that a different bed will fit your needs better, visit your local furniture store and talk to an interior design professional about your vision.

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