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3 Surprising Things That Clothing Donations for Veterans and Other Causes Can Accomplish

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Have you wanted to give to charity but hesitated in doing so? You may have been reluctant to donate because you weren’t sure whether or not you were helping, and that’s okay. Many people want to help out by donating to charity, even if they’re not sure exactly how they’ll be helping others. Here are three different ways that clothing donations for veterans and other charity causes can help others:

    1. Clothing donations for veterans and other causes go directly to charity organizations. To most people, the best way to help others is to donate directly to charity. This is an excellent way to give to others because it produces the most obvious results. In other words, clothing donations for veterans will go directly to veterans in need; in some cases, these items may also be used for helping military families. However, this isn’t the only way to give to others.

    2. Some donated clothing will go to secondhand shops. As much as 20% of donated clothing winds up in thrift stores, where it is offered at a discount to families in need and other consumers. This helps in more ways than one. For one thing, thrift stores often employ veterans, disabled individuals, or others who are poor. This gives these workers experience and helps them be independent by making a living for themselves and their families. Items sold in thrift stores tend to benefit charity with the proceeds from the sales. Finally, low income families are able to afford clothing and other necessities thanks to these charity secondhand stores.

    3. Used clothing donations that can’t be salvaged can often be recycled. In order to help others and save the planet, many charities will also recycle excess clothing donations, especially items that may not be eligible for resale or reusing. Recycling clothing is a great way to make sure that clothing stays out of landfills since as much as 13 million tons of clothing can end up there each year. This also benefits people, however, by reducing pollution, the world’s deadliest killer.

Want to know more about how clothing donations for a number of causes can help others? Ask in the comments.

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