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4 Ways You Can Access More Comfortable Sleep

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Did you know that people who say they sleep less than seven hours per night are more likely to report falling asleep during the day unintentionally, at least once every month? It?s no secret that some adults struggle to get a good night?s sleep, and it?s not always due to staying up lating watching marathons on Netflix (though of course — sometimes that IS the problem, and the solution is fairly obvious). If you?ve been struggling to sleep, exactly what can you do? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Comfort While Sleeping: Ditch the Scratchy Sheets

You spend about eight hours every night in your bed — at least. Every week, this adds up to 56 hours of time. Over the course of a year — or many years — this equates to thousands of hours. You don?t want to spend thousands of hours uncomfortable, especially when being uncomfortable can impact the quality of your sleep.

Multiple Types of Adjustable Beds

Adjustable mattresses have several advantages for those who have trouble sleeping. Adjustable beds are electric beds that can accommodate a wide range of issues. Different types of adjustable beds can often help, for example, to reduce swelling, leg pain, and other problems. If you suffer from heartburn, you can adjust the bed to be on an incline so as to help keep stomach acids down. If your legs often hurt and swell, you can adjust the bed so that the lower half is raised above the rest. Adjustable bed systems were originally used in hospitals until people saw their potential use in other environments.

A Change in Environment

Often, people don?t even realize that there are elements in their sleep environment that are highly distracting and keeping them awake. This can be noise, light, and even smells. Try experimenting with ear plugs, eye covers, safely lit candles etc. to see what helps you fall asleep better and more quickly at night. Making these changes can potentially make it easier to stay asleep rather than waking up at the wrong time, improving the quality of your sleep as well.

Examine Before Bed Habits

Do you frequently drink soda or something with caffeine in it before bed? Have cookies? Take a hard look at your before bed activities and see what might need to be cut in order to receive better sleep. Although TV is often a big problem, other things — such as snacks, phone use, showering, etc — might also be contributing factors.

There are a number of solutions available if you have trouble sleeping. Numerous types of adjustable beds, environmental changes, habit changes, and ditching scratchy sheets could be potential solutions. What do you think is the likely issue with your sleep? Let us know in the comments.

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