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Designer Home Plans Reflect Owner Personalities and Preferences

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You have spent hours walking through open houses and three or four times that many hours flipping through magazine pages and surfing internet sites. You have compiled a notebook of ideas of everything that you would like to include in designer home plans should you get the chance. And now, that day has finally arrived. With designer home plans in hand, you are meeting with three different builders. It took a few months to find the perfect lot, but now that you have it purchased your building plans can begin.
Luxury Custom Homebuilders Create Dream Houses for Their Clients
Whether you are looking at building your dream home in southern Florida or Nashville, Tennessee, custom home builders are available to help create plans, implement your ideas, or show you designs that they have already created. While luxury home designs are as varied as their owners, some common trends are seen across the country:

  • Open Concepts Perhaps one of the most popular marks of the new home market is the open concept. Families love to be together and as a result many popular designer home plans allow the cook, the children, and the guests to be in the same room. Luxury house plans often include enormous great rooms which include entertainment areas with televisions and sound systems, conversation areas that allow family and guests to mix and mingle, and cooking islands with space enough for everyone to participate in the planning and preparation.
  • Going Green At least as popular as the open concept, home owners are crazy about decisions that will make their home more energy efficient. While large homes can be luxurious, they can also be expensive to maintain. While some home owners are opting for smaller dream houses, still others are looking for ways to keep the vast space that they want, but also make it more affordable to heat and cool that space. The installation of energy efficient appliances help home owners commit to the investment in the latest trends. For example, eco-friendly kitchen components include convection ovens, which cook food 25% faster and use less energy.
    From the beginning of the building process, new home owners are making energy efficient choices and decisions. For instance, some types of spray foam insulation can reduce heating costs by as much as 50% over traditional insulation in some installations. Along with going green, many home owners are looking at exterior decisions that are maintenance free and come with very long warranties. Cement board siding and composite shingles and deck materials help create exterior features that will hold their value and their beauty.
  • Outdoor Spaces As new home owners look for ways to make the most of their indoor living space, they are also expanding their use of their outdoor options. As a real luxury, one of the most popular outdoor features is an infinity pool. Large fire pits and conversation areas invite guests to enjoy beautifully landscaped back yards. Outdoor theaters and elaborate grills extend the functionality of a home into every part of the lot. On some especially large lots, owners are constructing guest living spaces as well. Guest cottages are typically 1,200 square feet in size and contain one or two bedrooms.
  • Craft and Specialty Rooms In an attempt to meet the very specific needs of individual home owners, some designer home plans create areas that are uniquely suited to crafts, such as scrapbooking and quilting. These rooms with infinite amounts of creative storage space can be reconfigured into a variety of uses. And while some create crafting areas that cater toward the females in the house, still others create man caves and wine cellars.
  • Home Theaters Though not necessarily a new idea, many new homes are still including large theater and entertainment areas. With built in surround sound that is often linked to whole house capabilities, luxury home owners also install creative screens as well. While some select a bank of screens to that they can watch multiple sporting events at once, others install retractable screens that are only visible while in use.

Luxury buyers have high expectations for their homes. Some, in fact, often spend in excess of $1 million for their dream residences. Have you started making your dream home plans yet?

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