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The National Sleep Foundation has found a close association between chronic pain and insomnia. For most of us, this pain and discomfort is coming from our mattress. This study also found that there are easy solutions. An adjustable bed mattress may help reduce the pressure on areas of your body that are causing you discomfort during sleep.

Just what does the adjustable bed mattress offer that your regular mattress doesn’t? There are plenty of reasons to make the investment. One such reason is that the S-curve of your back is not properly supported by a flat mattress, unlike adjustable bed mattresses. This lack of support can cause you to move and adjust often during the night to avoid pain, which causes a less restful night of sleep.

Shopping for the best adjustable bed can be worth the investment. Not only will the adjustable bed mattress help you get a more restful night sleep, but it can help extend your life. It has been found that people who suffer from back pain, especially for long periods of time, are less healthy than those people who are pain free and rested.

In addition to promoting good health, your adjustable bed mattress can offer you a touch of luxury. Luxury adjustable beds can include heat and/or massage for extra comfort and relaxation. The dual king adjustable bed is perfect for couples who have different sleep needs. The options are virtually endless when customizing your adjustable bed mattress.

If you are one of the millions of Americans that are suffering from aches, pains, and restless sleep, now is the time to start researching adjustable bed mattresses. There are plenty of companies out there offering deals and sales to help you afford this investment. Once you find the right bed for you, you will be drifting off to sleep before you know it.

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