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Couples Can Opt for These Unique Wedding Places

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Weddings are always steeped in tradition and ritual. They follow a very specific process and customs. Brides in white dresses wear accessories that are old, new, borrowed, and blue. There is a ceremony, a reception, a first dance, a father and daughter dance, and the chicken dance. There is a big deal made of slicing into a large pastry. The point is that each couple is different and many of them want to make sure that their “big day” is unique to them. The element of the wedding that most sets the tone is the venue. The location, the size, and the scenery all come together to create the ambiance that sets the tone and will define the experience of the wedding. The best places to have a wedding are different for every couple, but here are two ways people are taking advantage of unique wedding places.

The traditional route is to have a wedding nearby at a church or outdoor venue where all of the guests can attend the wedding and go home all in the same day, but actually almost a quarter of all weddings are what is referred to as destination weddings. Destination wedding places are in distant locations that the wedding party and all of the guests have to travel to. People find places to have a wedding reception and ceremony in what are often exotic locations or just far away from home, which are more unique wedding places than the traditional locations.

There is a trend in America these days of people opting for “flash weddings,” which are in part modeled after flash mobs, in which a group of people randomly start dancing in a public place. The wedding party, guests, and officiant all go to the location, and stand unassumingly until the ceremony starts. This can happen pretty much anywhere like in parks, museums, boats, or pretty much any of the other unique wedding places you can think of. This is also a less expensive option which might appeal to the one in four couples who pay for their entire wedding on their own.

Places for wedding receptions are ceremonies can be anything but typical if you choose the right venue. If tradition is not right for you and your future spouse, you may want to consider one (or even both) of these unique ideas for wedding venues. Read more articles like this.

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