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Taking Your Home From Custom To Dream

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If you?re looking into building a new home, you aren?t alone ? in fact, just over half of all home buyers are interested in a brand new home. While some choose to buy a home that?s never been lived in, why not go all the way and have your home built by an experienced homebuilder? There are so many exciting new homes waiting to be built; and if your plans are executed properly, you could be living in your dream home in no time. But what will make up your dream home? Are you looking for something old-fashioned, or a new, modern style? What are the new home options available out there? From style to features, there are so many ways you can make your home exactly what you want it to be.

The Basics: Rooms, Rooms, Rooms

One thing you need to consider is space. It seems so basic, yet many homeowners aren?t sure what to ask home builders for when considering the amount of space needed in their homes. There are many ways that you can utilize space, and the beauty of hiring an experienced homebuilder is that they already know how. When it comes to bedrooms, about 47% of all home buyers want three, while 32% want four. Things to think about when planning for bedrooms are not only how many people are in your family now, but whether or not you plan on expanding it ? or even the simple matter of guest bedrooms.

Saving Energy: How An Energy-Efficient Home Can Help You

When building your home, the words ?energy efficient? may not be the first words that pop into your mind. But as an experienced homebuilder can tell you, an energy efficient home is not only a good investment, bringing you a good profit in the future, but a money-saver right now. Each month, you spend money on energy. By saving energy in your new home, you can bring that bill down. Something as simple as the type of window you choose can greatly affect the amount of energy you use. Over 2/3 of all buyers want energy star-rated windows, triple-pane insulated glass, and low-e insulating glass.

Extras: The Other Features You May Want To Consider

Whether or not you plan on moving in the new future, your home is an investment, and you want to get as much out of that investment as possible. Custom home plans are up to you; they can include everything from spacious walk-in closets to iPod docks in every room. You may also want to look into features that add a bit of luxury to your home, including Jacuzzis, spacious showers, and coordinated space saved for landscaping.

You won?t get many opportunities in life to design the home of your dreams, so take advantage of the one that you have right now. Don?t just think of a custom home as the place you?ll be living within. Think of it as the place you?ll be relaxing in, and spending the best time of your life within.

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