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Three Reasons to Rent an Apartment Versus Buying a Home

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If you’re looking to rent or buy a home, there are several factors to consider. The housing market is scary territory to traverse and you may not be ready to dive right in to home ownership. Apartment rental offers a low-maintenance, low-risk alternative to purchasing a home. The many benefits of apartment rental show why you may want to consider this option.

  1. Low maintenance living.
    Let?s face it, nobody actually enjoys mowing the lawn, shoveling snow or keeping up with the routine maintenance a house typically needs. When you rent an apartment, you get to enjoy low- to no-maintenance living. In addition to lawn care and basic upkeep of the outdoor areas, the maintenance team on staff is there to help with any repairs or damages. If you rent from a professional management company, you have a maintenance staff at your disposal 24 hours a day to help with a leaky faucet, a faulty appliance or plumbing disaster.
  2. Added amenities.
    The best apartments have several added amenities for you to enjoy. Some apartment complexes go beyond the basics and have fitness centers, pools and spas and other services such as laundry centers and private parking to make life a little easier. Find an apartment with amenities that appeal to you and fit your lifestyle to get the most out of apartment living.
    If you choose to buy a home, you might find yourself stuck with several hidden costs. Appliances may not be included, forcing you to purchase your own. Many apartments come equipped with the newest appliances and many desirable home features at no extra cost. In today’s luxury apartments, you’ll find beautiful stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops and sophisticated tile work in the kitchens and bathrooms.
  3. No asset depreciation.
    When purchasing a home, you run the risk of its value depreciating over time. If you do not invest in costly upgrades, depreciation can spell financial trouble for the homeowner. Apartment rental saves money now and in the future ? on average, a renter saves about $560 each month. If you?re investment savvy, a look at the numbers shows that housing investments don?t increase too quickly: an investment of $100 in 1985 would only be worth about $293 today.

    If you want to enjoy luxury living at an affordable rate, apartment rental is the way to go. Luxury city apartments are not as expensive as one may think, and you can enjoy high-end living at a reasonable price with city loft apartments. Check out the apartment complexes in your area and see why apartment life may be your best option.

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