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4 Fun Christmas Party Themes That You Can Throw at Work

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Planning a holiday party for your work can be intimidating. There are a lot of people with various ideas and tastes, it’s impossible to please everyone. Some people enjoy family friendly events, while some people like adult oriented celebrations. Some people love letting loose after-hours, while some people prefer to get their celebrating out of the way while they’re on the clock. You won’t be able to come up with a celebration that will please everyone, but here are a few really unique ideas for hosting a great work party that your coworkers will actually want to go to:

  1. Christmas Casino Royale
    A fun holiday themed casino night doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Fill your venue with round table and chair rentals in the style of a casino. Rent linens in sleep black like you would see in Vegas. Either hire card dealers, or ask for volunteers to run the games if you are on a budget. You can either arrange a grand prize for the last person still holding chips, or several prizes that people can cash their chips in for. You might want to consider table and chair rentals designated specifically for food, or serve small hors d’oeuvres that attendees can eat while they play. You might think a great casino night requires alcohol, if that’s not in the budget, you can opt for a cash bar.
  2. Christmas in the Orient
    Sushi is incredibly popular these days. Hosting a sushi bar at your Christmas party will definitely be a hit with your coworkers! Perhaps include a few non-sushi dishes, for people who aren’t a fan of fish. You can decorate with paper lanterns or string lanterns with white lights and opt for table and chair rentals that are red and gold. You can handout party favors in traditional Chinese to-go boxes, because the best part of every party are the party favors!

  3. Coastal Christmas
    Embrace the “mele kalikmaka” Hawaiian Christmas and throw a Christmas luau! Decorate with traditional tropical decor, such as leis and grass skirts. Provide ukulele music for entertainment. A Hawaiian-themed menu is fairly simple and inexpensive to execute. One benefit of a Hawaiian menu is it there such diverse options that you should be able to accommodate any diet preferences. There are a lot of great gluten-free, allergy friendly, and vegetarian Hawaiian dishes that you can provide, and a roasted pig for everyone else!

  4. Keep it classy!
    Many people enjoy dressing up but rarely have the occasion to. You can host an elegant Christmas party without breaking the bank, just keep it simple and sleek. Rely on inexpensive candles for lighting accents. Use classy white table linen rentals to dress up the table settings. Serve classy finger foods on (faux) silver platters. If you have a little extra budget, hire a photographer for formal pictures. Your guest will love having nice pictures of their fancy evening to take home.

Do you have any other ideas for throwing a unique work Christmas party that your coworkers will actually enjoy being part of? What was the best work Christmas party that you ever attended? Please join the conversation in the comment section below!

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