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Luxury Home Plans Incorporating Green Design

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Spa rooms, full outdoors kitchens with wood-fired pizza ovens, wine cellars and tasting rooms, infinity pools and fully-wired smart systems connecting all home electronics and security with mobile devices: these are some of the features people are adding to their luxury house plans. Ecofriendly and green features like solar panels, geothermal heating and ecofriendly building materials are also increasingly finding their way onto luxury custom house floor plans.

Planning your dream house
With new green technologies and materials, people are discovering that they can have both luxury and an environmentally friendly house. Custom home builders have the knowledge and experience to help you design and build the home of your dreams. They can draw up luxury house designs and custom home plans to incorporate all the features you want, and advise you on how green design can be applied to your dream home.
Ecofriendly materials for flooring, paint, and furnishings make your home more comfortable and safer as well, reducing the amount of toxins in the atmosphere. That means your family, kids and pets can all breathe freer and more comfortably.

Is your dream house ecofriendly?
New technologies and materials can make your home ecofriendly, reflecting your concerns and commitments. From environmentally friendly building materials to heating and cooling systems, insulation and energy efficient appliances, your luxury custom house floor plans can fulfill your own commitment to green design and a sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing luxury and comfort.

  • Heating
    Renewable sources of energy like solar and geothermal systems have become an established part of home design. Geothermal systems use 25 to 50% less energy than conventional heating systems, and they have lower emissions. Solar energy is not only a clean technology without any emissions of harmful greenhouse gases, it’s also much cheaper and begins to pay for itself right away.
  • Insulation
    Insulation can make a huge difference to heating and cooling bills. By saving on the use of the energy, it also helps the environment. Windows, roofs and attics are typically the worst offenders when it comes to leaking heat or cooled air, increasing energy use. Energy Star reports that air leaks can account for as much as 30 to 40% of energy use for heating and cooling in homes that don’t have weatherstripping installed.
    Using energy efficient windows such as double-paned wood or vinyl-framed ones can reduce energy bills from 18 to 24%, winter or summer, as compared to windows with single panes. For walls and roofs, spray foam insulation is easier to install and around 50% more effective than traditional insulation in reducing heating and cooling costs.
  • Appliances
    Energy efficient appliances from air conditioners to washers and dryers to dishwashers use less electricity and are more efficient than older models. In the kitchen, convection ovens cook food 25% faster than regular gas or electric stoves. They also come with many safety features and use less energy.

When it’s time to build a luxury home, people have very high expectations. They expect to spend over $1 million and want a design and lifestyle that provides both luxury and sustainability. Custom home builders will work with home buyers to come up with luxury custom house floor plans that will make their dream home a reality.

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