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Ibogaine Treatment Centers And How They Can Save Your Life

Ibogaine treatment intake process

2014 saw, like any year, many deaths. Death is a part of life — what makes the deaths of 2014 so troubling is their reasoning. 29,230 of those deaths were due to motor vehicle crashes. Another 47,055 were due o drug-related incidents. It’s an unfortunate reality that today, more than ever, drug and alcohol addiction has become a severe problem in America. Not only are people destroying their personal and professional lives due to addiction — they’re dying. Many of these addicts are also quite young. Illicit drug use rates are highest among those age 18 to 25, and over 90% of those experiencing addiction begin drinking or taking drugs before the age of 18. These are frustrating statistics to read about; but at the same time, it’s important to remember that addiction is a disease. Many with addictions — whether it’s an opiate addiction or an oxycontin addiction, among plenty of others — want to change their lives, but find it difficult or seemingly-impossible. Typical rehab, focused on deprivation and harsh treatment, isn’t for everyone. Often, addiction is as much about an emotional issue as it is about a physical one. An ibogaine treatment program could be an option for those who feel as if they’ve tried everything, only to be disappointed and set back. But what does it mean to go to an ibogaine treatment center? What should you expect from an ibogaine treatment program?

Ibogaine Treatment Programs: The Difference

An ibogaine treatment program is no small undertaking. Yet at the same time, it’s not as intimidating or as physically harmful as many traditional rehab methods, which makes a difference for a lot of people. Many are afraid of the physical results of rehab, and the pain and deprivation associated with it. An ibogaine treatment program has different goals entirely. This program focuses not simply on your addiction, but the emotional trauma associated with it. This is vital, as many addiction issues are the direct results of emotional trauma in the first place. Ibogaine is about weaning people from their addictions and forcing introspection, rather than forcing a purge. The ibogaine experience is about two different stages: the visionary phase, and the introspective phase. The visionary phase comes first, last between four and six hours. It involves psychedelic visions, and is said to be dreamlike in nature. The introspective phase is the most important phase. It allows people to face and conquer their fears — hopefully recognizing why their addiction needs to be defeated, and why it’s happened in the first place. This phase is also dreamlike. However, the individual is conscious throughout this stage, and aware. Issues of trauma can be confronted, sometimes with the help of a professional. It’s vital that those at an ibogaine treatment center experience this stage.

Does Ibogaine Treatment Really Work?

The fact is that ibogaine could be your last resort — or maybe it’s your first choice. But either way, you’re likely questioning whether or not it actually works. Luckily for you, the results of ibogaine treatment are extremely promising. For addicts dealing with opiate addictions, ibogaine has been shown to alleviate 98% of symptoms associated with opiate withdrawal. It’s also been shown to help alleviate post-acute withdrawal syndrome. It’s also been linked to reduced cravings of various drugs and alcohol.

What To Look For In An Ibogaine Treatment Center

It’s very important that you don’t simply pick the first ibogaine treatment center you find — even if it ends up being the right one, do your research first. Look for the centers that can prove that they use pure product. Make sure that the people treating you or your loved one really care and are professional. But most importantly, be ready for a life changing experience. Ibogaine could in fact be what saves your life, or the life of your loved one — don’t wait until it’s too late.

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