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Ranch Living vs City Stressing It’s Not Even Close

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Imagine it’s 8a.m. and you’re just waking up in your New York City apartment. The horns are blasting, people are shouting, and just when you think you can almost see the sunshine between the buildings and industrial smog, you realize it’s just a really bright advertisement. Good morning.

Now imagine it’s 8a.m. and you’re waking up over your luxury cattle ranch in Texas. There isn’t a car for miles, you are as content and happy as can be, and that bright sunshine rising over your beautiful land is the best sight in the entire world. Good morning.

Which would you prefer?

You truly can’t beat ranch living when you compare it to the big city. You might claim that you enjoy living in the city because you “like to have neighbors.” Well you’ll have neighbors too who live on other ranch properties. You might not see them all the time or hear every single conversation they have in their home, but they are there, and they know the value of ranch properties so will protect your land when you’re not there. In the city, you can claim to like your neighbor, but you probably can’t stand them… and they probably always smell.

What do you think is a better scenario to raise a family in as well?

Having children in a busy city like NYC has to be a nightmare. You’d be looking though thousands of babysitting apps while you call Uber to get a ride to 15 different subway stops all to just go grocery shopping. Having kids on ranch properties is a piece of cake. They will learn to respect the land growing up there and you’ll be able to take care of them and teach them about real life — not just about what is the best iced latte according to Twitter.

Country living isn’t for everyone but — as we have seen — neither is city living. It depends on your interests, your values, and your situation. Check out some luxury cattle ranches for sale if you like the finer things in life. For those who enjoy the beautiful scenery, the peace and quiet, and the nature, then ranch living is for you.

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