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How to Choose the Best Bean Bag Chair

Big bean bag bed

The big bean bag chair may be something you mostly associate with your childhood, but these comfy bean bag chairs–squishy, colorful, affordable, cute, and endlessly adaptable–are making a real comeback. They’re especially popular among gamers, who are buying bean bag gaming chairs as a great way to stay comfortable while playing their favorite games.

A lot of people play video games regularly: 155 million in America alone. Four out of five homes have a gaming console, and the average gamer is spending 6.5 hours every week just playing with other people online. What better and more comfortable way to spend that time than in a big bean bag chair?

What to Look For in Your Big Bean Bag Chair

  1. Does it come with a warranty? Nothing is worse than a lovely, fuzzy bean bag chair that’s become just a little puddle on the floor, with all its beans gushing out. When you buy, find out the warranty. Some are for only 30 days, while others can be up to a lifetime. The longer the warranty, the better the quality of the chair.
  2. Does it have a removable cover? Remember when I said that the worst thing was the empty bean bag, lying on the floor leaking its beans everywhere? Pay no attention to that because the real worst thing is a nasty, manky, stained, gross bean bag. You want a nice bean bag chair, right? So make sure it has a removable cover you can wash, and check that the cover is actually removable by an ordinary human being. Some are so difficult to get off that realistically you’ll never actually get around to washing it.
  3. Check out what your big bean back chair is made of. There are a couple choices, and the cheapest is usually polystyrene bead fill. This also makes for the lightest chairs, so it’s good if you know you’ll need to move your big bean bag chair all over the place. But it does break down and you will have to get the thing refilled fairly often, and at a cost. The other choice is polyurethane foam fill, which is about as comfy as seating comes and will never break down. It will make it more difficult to move your cool bean bag chair around so everyone can admire it, so do bear that in mind.
  4. Think about what you’ll be using the chair for. You want it to be comfortable, as that’s the whole point. If you plan on using it for gaming, you’ll want a chair that keeps you at least somewhat upright. If you prefer snuggling with that special someone and watching movies, you’ll want a big one that lets you lounge. And whatever you do, please make sure you measure for space. You don’t want to bring that big bean bag chair proudly through the front door only to find you can’t really fit it anywhere that you wanted to.
  5. Make sure it’s safe for you and your family. Now it’s time to be super responsible, so listen up. What is your bean bag chair filled with? The cheap ones can be filled with carcinogenic materials that aren’t safe and will off-gas into your home. Look for foam fill that’s billed as eco-friendly, and while you’re at it maybe make sure it’s got a child-safe zip.

You’ll love your new bean bag chair. They’re cool, comfy, and movable. They make gaming more fun and movie night more relaxing. Who doesn’t want a giant structured pillow to nest in? Just make sure you’re getting the right big bean bag chair.

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