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Gaming Is More Popular Than Ever The Holidays Are A Great Time To Reinvent Your Gaming Pad

The holidays are right around the corner. Thinking of upgrading your entertainment room?

Gaming is one of today’s most involving hobbies. Not only do you spend hundreds of dollars on new games, you’re constantly looking for ways to upgrade your experience. This can mean getting a faster Ethernet connection so you’re spending more time fighting digital enemies than your wi-fi. It can also mean looking into bean bag gaming chairs so your friends can enjoy some comfort as they watch you plow through the latest AAA title. With the holidays ready to give you more than enough excuses to change your layout, it’s time to pick what you want to add.

Here are some gift ideas for both yourself and the other gamers in your life!

Bean Bag Gaming Chairs

You’re realizing your gaming space is a little lacking and could use some extra fixings to make each night more enjoyable than the last. Bean bag gaming chairs are not a bad place to start. It’s thought over 150 million Americans play video games regularly. When you have friends and family constantly swinging by for a few hours of fun, your bean bag lounge chair will give them somewhere to relax as you enjoy the latest in home entertainment. You can get a few bean bag gaming chairs to pad out your room or an extra large bean bag for two people to share!

Colorful Throws For Couches

What would go nicely with your bean bag gaming chairs? You could always try some colorful throws. These can be tossed over a corduroy bean bag or a couch, adding a splash of color and texture to a previously drab space. A recent study revealed the average gamer spends nearly seven hours every week playing with others online. When your pad is feeling a little cold and unfriendly, these fast additions will do wonders for reminding you why you love to game in the first place. Choose a few of your favorite colors and go to town at your favorite online store.

Big Comfortable Pillows

It’s not just the gaming bean bag chair that can create the coziest gaming pad on the planet. Huge pillows can be tossed on a couch or framed around a comfy bean bag chair for maximum chill. The interior design industry today generates a pretty $10 billion in revenue each year, with the specialized interior design industry expected to rise at a higher rate of around 20% over the next decade. This means you’ve never been in a better spot to enjoy the trendiest and most comfortable gamer design trends. Who knows…you might find your friends would love a fuzzy bean bag chair in their gift box, too!

Spacy Futons With Room To Spare

Thinking you need just a little more room to relax the right way? Look into a flexible futon. These can be pulled out into a makeshift bed and tucked back into a couch, nice and easy for the gamer space that’s being renovated at will. By the time 2019 rolls around the global market for both furniture and floor coverings is expected to near $700 billion. Four out of five American households own at least one game console, to boot. Do the math and consider how your bean chair and chair throws could fit alongside a new futon.

Mix And Match At Will For The Holidays

When in doubt? Just mix it up and have some fun. Gamers today are ever on the hunt for redefining what makes their hobby (or outright passion) truly meaningful. Good interior design is good for your health and will help immensely with helping you truly shrug off the stress of the workweek. Your bean bag gaming chairs are a great choice if you regularly invite people over, while your pillows and throws will push away the winter chill while giving your room some style.

The holidays are almost here…are you ready to game harder than you ever have before?

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