Good Paying Summer Part Time Jobs for College Students

Choosing the right summer job is vital for college students who don’t have the luxury of taking these months when school is out as an extended vacation and relaxing. The idea for many college students is to work hard to make as much as possible in the short summer period when they aren’t attending classes and put as much of this money as possible into savings. By budgeting for the expenses that come each month and using that saved money wisely combined with grants, loans, and scholarships, many students can make it last as long as possible during the school year. This removes the pressure of working full-time hours during the school year and lets you focus on studying, taking on internships, and just experiencing college life.

Here are some ideal jobs for college students who want to find easy ways to make money in the summertime.

Outdoor Jobs

If you live in a part of the nation that only gets a few months of summer weather, you may want to find a job that allows you to get outside and enjoy as much of that weather as possible. An office or indoor job is not right for everyone, and if you’re trying to be trapped inside while you attend classes, working outside can help you leave the stress of the school year behind you. Studies show that a balance of outdoor time can help you defray stress and improve physical and mental health.

Outdoor work is usually physically taxing but the pay typically corresponds to this, especially if you are able to secure a job in the construction industry. With homes and commercial buildings in high demand as the real estate market grows, many construction crews are looking for enthusiastic workers in good weather periods. In winter climates, these crews are limited in the type of work they can get done, so they tend to staff up during the summer to attempt to get as much done as possible while the weather is good. If you have any specialized knowledge or skills that can be applied to construction, these can help you get a higher wage if that skill is in high demand.

Some construction crews work on municipal or state contracts to upgrade the roadways and bridges around the area. Asphalt contractors have to work quickly before the asphalt dries, spreading the material evenly along the surface to make the road even and smooth. These crews may work overnight to disrupt the local traffic as little as possible and avoid the heat during the daytime. While the smell of the asphalt can be hard to tolerate and the work is physically demanding, these skills can go forward with you and help you earn a living in the future. Scaffolding companies work to set up the necessary equipment to make it easy to clean the side of tall buildings or renovate a standing structure. It can be scary working on scaffolding, but again, this provides you with skills that you can take forward and use to make money in the future.

Specialized Contractors

Learning a specialty within the construction trade, like masonry, carpentry, or laying floor surfaces, can allow you to make more money while working fewer hours than an unskilled laborer. Roofing, concrete work, pool installation, electrical, and plumbing skills can all help you earn a higher hourly wage for your efforts. Doing this specialized work is also less taxing on you than the heavy lifting, digging, and moving of materials that laborers are expected to do.

Local roofers are able to make good money without having to travel to job sites far from home. Laying shingles or tiles, roofers have an important job securing a home against potential leaks.

Working on ladders and the top frame of the home, it’s important to be comfortable with heights and have good balance when you are part of a roofing crew. Residential roofing contractors typically start work early in the morning to beat the increased heat as the sun rises. This means that if all goes well, they also finish work early and have most of the afternoon and evening free. It can be a perfect schedule for college students who want to still have some semblance of social life in the summer.

In ground pool installers are in constant demand in the summer months, both for people’s backyards and commercial properties that want to add a pool. Many people want to add to the value and enjoyment of their property by having a pool installed, and they typically want it done in time to get some use out of it while it’s still summer. This means a lot of work hours in a short time frame, but those overtime hours should add up to a bigger check on the weeks you work. There are many skills involved in installing a pool, including plumbing, landscaping, and electrical. Working together with a prestressed concrete company, these skilled professionals help get the pool poured and set up. Working on this kind of crew can be a great chance to expand your skills and learn more about the industry.

If you don’t mind working outside but prefer to work with plants and animals instead of dealing with people, a job as a landscaper or groundskeeper can be a perfect fit for you. From apartment buildings to animal zoos, many types of businesses need people to help maintain the outdoor grounds. In many of these jobs, you can wear earbuds and listen to music while you work outdoors, cutting the grass, trimming trees, watering plants, and planting new flowers or plants to change the look of the landscape. This can be an ideal job for you if you prefer not to deal with customers or members of the general public, as you can work independently within the landscaping crew. You may have to deal with rodents or small animals that show up around the property instead.

If you’re in good shape and can lift heavy objects without a problem, a moving and packing company might be the right job for you. While it is physically demanding work, you’ll usually earn a good wage and potentially get tips for a job well done when the loading and unloading are done. To do this job, you’ll want to be sure you have a good pair of shoes that provide arch support to wear while you lift heavy objects.

Seasonal Staffing

If you’re returning to your hometown for the summer and need a job that only lasts a few months, looks for seasonal employment with a company that needs extra workers in the warm weather months. These places are more likely to hire temporary workers than a business that needs someone long-term. If the first summer goes well, you can always look to come back the next year and potentially have a summer job lined up for the next few summers.

If you’re a strong swimmer with a CPR certification, look for openings with local waterparks or pools that need lifeguards or pool attendants. Theme parks often need more employees to staff their rides and snack stands for extended hours in the summer. It can also be fun to work at these jobs and get the perks that come along with it, including free passes to visit the park with your friends and family when you aren’t working.

If you live in a state known for the scenic wilderness, try looking into working at a summer camp with children. Camp Counselors work with kids to make their summer memorable and enjoyable. As a camp counselor, you may be responsible for one activity you specialize in, like arts and crafts or kayaking. In other settings, you’ll take a more general role in keeping the campers together and out of trouble. If you work at an overnight camp, they’ll likely offer you a room and meals in addition to your pay. This allows you to save a lot of money on expenses for the duration of the camp season, leaving you in a better financial position when you head back to school in the fall.

Short Term Care Jobs

Summer means the end of the school year and leaves many parents scrambling to find a way to care for their children without breaking the bank. Day camps can be costly, leading parents to look for another option. Nannying and babysitting can both be lucrative jobs, particularly if you live in an area with a lot of young children. You can choose what days and times to offer your services, putting you in charge of your scheduling. To find your initial clients, try putting up fliers in your neighborhood, advertising in a local Facebook group, or asking around at local childcare centers if the parents need after-hours care. In addition to keeping the kids safe, you’ll need to develop activities to keep them busy. It’s helpful to have a driver’s license and reliable transportation, or you’ll have to walk or take public transportation with the kids to go places like the library or the beach.

To keep your nanny or babysitting business growing in future summers, you can learn new skills to make parents feel secure about leaving children with you. Take a CPR class, learn how to work an Epipen, diversify your cooking skills, learn a second language, or learn the rules of a new sport to teach the kids.

Summer Jobs for Introverts

If you prefer getting a summer job that doesn’t require you to interact with people daily, there are online and in-person options for you, as long as you know where to look. Look for jobs that put you in charge of plants, animals, or caretaking property instead of having to deal with people all day. Or you can take on your creative endeavor to produce something people can use to decorate the home and sell it online, like interior signs.

Plant or pet sitting is less rigorous than babysitting but no less important for the family you’ll be helping. No one wants to come home from a vacation to find their plants or pets neglected. You may not make as much as a full-time job, but if you want to take some time to relax over the summer, this can be a good part-time income for you. Start by looking for people local to you so that you can easily get over to their house a few times a day. If your clients are too far out, you’ll waste a lot of time and gas money to get to the jobs and keep less of the money you make in your pocket. You may want to take and send pictures to the pet or plant owners to see how things are going. Not only does this help to put their mind at ease, it also serves as a record of your visits in case this comes up in the future.

Running or moderating an online gaming server might be perfect if you already spend lots of time gaming or are unable to find a summer job in your local area. Your typical responsibilities include monitoring any inappropriate content, banning abusive users, and enforcing the game’s rules. You can typically set your hours and do this job from any location with a reliable internet connection. This means even in a remote location; you can earn money and gain job experience to put on your resume.

A college summer job is only temporary, but if you enjoy it and are a good fit for the company, you may be able to return for every summer afterward or turn this into a more permanent job. You never know what a simple summer job might lead to in the future.

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